Andrea Marie Brokaw

Picture of Andy As a Navy brat and then a Navy wife, Andrea Brokaw, aka Andy, has lived on three continents, in four countries, in seven states, and in thirteen towns. (Or something like that. She loses count.) However, she now considers Washington home. She has two cats and a teen-aged boy, as well as a collection of acronyms, including GAD, ADHD, and PMLE. That basically means that she's clinically diagnosed with worrying too much, not paying attention to things, and not being able to play in the sun. For more about Andy and her books, visit www.andreabrokaw.com.

Jimmy Brokaw

Picture of Jimmy Jimmy Brokaw is Andy's husband. He works full-time in the Navy, but on rare occasions has been known to write novels as well. He is also a lover of snow, skiing professionally since 2005, and engaging in backcountry skiing, ski mountaineering, search and rescue, and anything else that gives him an excuse to be outside when it's cold. He could be described as a thrill seeker, although he's extremely thorough and meticulous about analyzing and minimizing risks before engaging is activities that others would consider insane. Much like Andy, he grew up travelling the world, and has been in every state except Alaska, and more foreign countries than he could recount. Jimmy can be reached at hedgie at hedgie.com.