By Andrea Marie Brokaw

Of Fur and Ice, A Werestory

Of Fur and Ice At North Sky Academy, growing claws upon occasion isn't considered odd. Lucky for Michaela since that's what got her kicked out of her old school and shipped off to Alaska in the first place. Now she's surrounded by a family of werefoxes, snobby girls for whom "that time of the month" has a whole new meaning, and gorgeous boys who happen to turn into leopards, wolves, and polar bears.

It's going to take Mike a while to find her paws. Due to her unfamiliar scent, no one has any idea what she's going to turn into come the next full moon. Mike better figure it out fast though, or her new life is going to be a short one.

Published October 10th, 2014.
Available for Kindle and other digital platforms or in print.

Of Snow and Whiskers (Werestory Book 2)

Of Snow and Whiskers When the moon is full, Rina Andreyushkina is a snow leopard. In feline form, she is full of grace and power. But when the moon sets, things are harder. Now shy and awkward in her human skin, Rina faces a series of new challenges.
Her best friend has been suspended for bullying, leaving Rina by herself for the first time in her life. She must learn who she is on her own and whether she likes this person. Complicating things further, the best friend’s would-be betrothed comes to Rina for help preparing to fight his way out of his arranged marriage. No stranger to being a political pawn, Rina agrees to train him even though it puts her most important relationship in serious jeopardy. And as though this were not stress enough, Rina befriends the notorious and widely disliked new boy, something the entire school notices.

With all this going on, when will Rina find time to watch her favorite anime?!

This sequel to Of Fur and Ice can be read as a continuation of events at North Sky Academy or as a stand alone novel.

Published on February 2nd, 2017.
Available for Kindle and other digital platforms or in print.

I'd Rather Not Be Dead

I'd Rather Not Be Dead Drew McKinney never liked living in Pine Bridge, North Carolina, but she liked it a lot better than being dead there. No way does she want to haunt this stupid hick town for the rest of forever. She doesn't want to haunt anywhere if she can help it. The whole dying thing knocked Drew back in time several weeks, so she's got a shot at saving herself from Hell in Appalachia if she can figure out why she died. Unfortunately, not only is she clueless about what killed her but there's a soul-eating fog after her, the ruler of the ghost realm is interfering in her afterlife, and the only living person Drew can turn to for help is Cooper Finnegan, who is hands down her least favorite person on the planet.

Published December 8th, 2012.
Available in for Kindle and other digital platforms or in print.

Pride, Prejudice, and Curling Rocks

Pride, Prejudice, and Curling Rocks Darcy Bennet lives to be on the ice. When the other little girls were watching the Olympics and dreaming of figure-skating, she was dreaming of representing her country not with skates but with a broom. At seventeen, Darcy still has Olympic dreams, but she has more immediate concerns. Like getting her team to Regionals, making sure she's accepted by the local college, and convincing her best-friend and team skip not to go to a university on the other side of the continent. And, possibly most important of all, resisting the urge to kill Lucas Fitzwilliam. 'Cause he may be really annoying, but Darcy's pretty sure they don't have curling in prison.

Published December 26th, 2011.
Available in for Kindle and other digital platforms or in print.

By Jimmy Brokaw

A Midwinter Night's Dream

A Midwinter Night's Dream All's fair in love and snow sports!

As the annual Snow Festival descends on Ridge Mountain, the ski resort's employees embark on a weekend of hard work and harder partying. A pair of lovers shall quarrel while another pair is split apart. Two rash young men will enter a reckless race for the heart of a woman. One inebriated fellow will get very lucky. And much beer will be imbibed.

Will the lovers reunite? Will the Angry Sex Puppies perform on time? Will the actors remember their lines in the hilarious balcony scene from Romeo and Juliet? Find out as hearts, lives, and snowboards are put on the line in this Shakespearean comedy of confusion, errors, and falling snow.

Published Feb 2nd, 2016
Available for Kindle and other digital platforms or in print.

Waiting for War

Waiting for War During the fall of 2002, tens of thousands of American troops were stationed in Kuwait and Saudi Arabia, waiting for a war nobody was sure would come at all. This is the story of one such soldier. Specialist Hoffman is crazy, and he knows it. But that's not enough to get him out of the desert. His roommate extended his orders because he enjoys the extra combat pay. His other roommate is an aircraft mechanic, assigned to a tank maintenance facility due to an ancient clerical error. Together, the three experience some hilarious adventures while waiting for war.

Published August 2003.
Available for Kindle and other digital platforms or in print